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    Insightful, Analytical and Compelling Business Intelligence

    Global Industry Conferences and Exhibitions

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    Commodity Reports and Price Benchmarks

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    Digital Platforms and Marketplaces

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    News, Analysis and Databases

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    Global Conferences and Exhibitions

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    Global Presence with Offices in the
    UAE and India

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Key Features

Commodity Reporting and Analysis

You can access insightful, timely, accurate and compelling commodity business and market intelligence reports and databases through our neutral reporting services.

Price Benchmarks

Your reliable, independent and neutral source for energy and commodity prices and trends

Trade Data

Our global trade data includes import, export, demand and supply databases and statistics for various commodities and countries.

Market Intelligence

Get regular and real time market developments and updates on the global energy and commodity industries with our various subscription plans

Conferences and Exhibitions

Petrosil regularly organizes the foremost AMEA Bitumen, Base Oil, Lubes and Wax Conference and Exhibition for these global markets.

Petrosil Group

The Petrosil Group is an independent and neutral commodity reporting agency and organizer of global industry conferences and exhibitions based in the UAE and India. We create and manage a range of market intelligence services and databases that are subscribed to by the world's leading energy and commodity companies. Our main objective is to deliver timely, accurate and compelling business intelligence services supported by enhanced content and technologies to our global clients and to organize leading conferences and exhibitions. We gather, analyze and disseminate information that is relevant to the markets we cover. Our primary services include authentic content creation and management, conferences and exhibitions, information focused neutral marketplaces, research for clients and an information technology initiative. Petrosil has emerged as a media company providing trade events, networking opportunities, commodity reports, price benchmarks, industry trends, prices and data to over 800 global companies in recent years. We aim to be a leading agency specializing in industry events and dedicated expert analysis and services that cater to a broad spectrum of companies and industries.

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Petrosil Conference

Petrosil has been organizing International petroleum conferences focused on products like Bitumen, Base Oil, Lubes and Waxes in the Middle East and India for several years starting with the first BLM Conference in the Middle East in 2012 and now organizes the foremost Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) Bitumen, Base Oil, Lubes and Wax Conference in the UAE, India and other countries.

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Membership Plans

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  • Access Global Trade Data and Import and Export Statistics
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