Petrosil Directories - PDF Editions

Petrosil has compiled some of the largest global directory databases for numerous industry verticals and products. Directory databases are delivered electronically in pdf format and include information like the contact person, company name, address, phone, fax, e-mail address and in some cases brief profile of the company and website link. The directory databases are available in flexible and user friendly formats so that data can be retrieved easily and effectively.

Directories are currently available for the following products –
Petroleum Directory (Base Oil, Bitumen, Rubber Process Oil, Fuel Oil, Waxes, Lubricants, Gases, Crude Oil, LPG, Coke, LPG etc)
Crude Oil Directory
Base Oil Directory
Bitumen Directory
Lubricants Directory
Fuel Oil Directory
Waxes Directory
Petroleum Coke Directory
Naphtha Directory
Gases Directory
Edible Oil Directory
Coal Directory
Titanium Dioxide Directory
Glycerine Directory
Fertilizer Directory
Chemical Directory - which covers many products like methanol, acetone, MIBK, aniline, soda ash, caustic soda, toluene, benzene, xylene, hydrogen peroxide, formic acid, vinyl acetate monomer, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, thalic anhydrate, urea, MEG, DEG, paraxylene, butanol etc)

Advantages of the Petrosil Directories
Comprehensive directory databases with complete contact information
Easy to navigate, browse and locate information
Reader and printer friendly format delivered electronically in PDF
Easy to save and print a hard copy for convenient access
Locate new business partners, increase industry contacts
Industry buyers and sellers network with one another
Easy to print and store in hard copy for quick reference
Cost-effective tool to promote businesses and solutions

To order any of the directories, please complete the inquiry form or purchase the directory from the Petrosil Store.