The Petrosil Group is a digital reporting agency that creates and manages a range of market intelligence services and databases that are subscribed to by the world's leading energy and chemical companies. The company has recently diversified into offering new commodity reports and has increased the scope and geographical coverage of the information. Our main objective is to deliver timely, accurate and compelling business intelligence services supported by next-generation technologies to our global clients. We gather, analyze and disseminate information that is relevant to the markets we cover. Our primary services include authentic content creation and management, information focused neutral marketplaces, research for clients and an information technology initiative. In recent years, Petrosil has emerged as a media company providing real-time reports, industry trends, prices and data to over 800 global companies. We aim to be a leading agency specializing in dedicated expert analysis and services that cater to a broad spectrum of companies and industries.



Base Oil Report - Petrosilicon Base Oil report has access to import records and lists with extraordinary accuracy all the imports, grades, origin, ships, and general price levels of the massive amount... Read More
Joe Rousmaniere, Head of Petronas Base Oil Business

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